We offer you to produce entirely your presentations in real time 3D (or using your own ideas, plans, photos or 3D models). You get to choose the level of interactivity, the rendering style as well as any possible effects you wish and we integrate it for you. Our interactive presentations fit perfectly into many fields such as industry, real estate, architecture, urbanism, advertising, e-business, medical applications, or more generally all presentations in which interactivity can be of interest..
Products presentation
Present your products and their functions in the best way. From now on you can indeed zoom, move, turn around an object as if it was right in your hands. It is easy to illustrate a detail, to show a mecanism in action, to change the color or materials like no other type of presentation allows it. The possibilities are countless.
Virtual walkthrough
Visualize your creations in their future environment (city, vegetation, etc.) in the simplest and most immersive way possible. Imagine your virtual walkthrough under different weather conditions (rain, fog, etc.), at different times of the day, with different lightings in order to evaluate their integration in the environment better.
Other types of projects
We also produce any other type of real time 3D project: simulators, e-business, visualizations, games, etc. We can develop your application for various platforms to reach your target audience: PC, Mac, Linux, web, iOS, Android.
Real Time 3D Projects
Who are we?
Real Time 3D solutions
Gamical Studio is a French studio located near Paris. Strong of a cumulated experience of more than a dozen years, we put to your service our know-how acquired in great studios (Ubisoft, Babylon Software...).
Award 2004
Our "Home Walkthrough" demo has been issued first prize in the Walkthrough category, as well as Grand Prize of the Golden Polygon Awards 2004 (all-category).
Solutions Partners
Since 2004, our studio is one of Act3D's solutions partners through the use of their real time 3D engine "Quest3D".
Gamical Studio | Paris